About us


We enjoy to share all we know about the Japanese beauty and health with those who is interested as well.

In this shop almost every product or at least one in each product line was tested by our staff and we decided to place on its pages only those products that we liked and felt confident about.

Our Promises

Japanese quality

All products are made of a high quality materials and manufactured inside of Japan under a strict quality control.

Genuine products

Buying here you may be sure in authenticity and quality  of all products since they come directly from manufacturers.

Selected products

Among all diversity of Japanese products we chose only the best and most popular products. Most of them we are also using in our daily life and experienced their quality.

Fast delivery

All orders are shipped within 1-3 days (except of rare products or during Japanese holidays)

Fast delivery

We always strive to make delivery to your doors as fast as possible and at the best price.

PayPal payment

PayPal makes payment fast and safe for all our customers and guarantees that they wont be disappointed in our service.

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